The UX team and the work we do

16 June, 2014 by Sonya Nikolova

The Deloitte Digital UX team is a vibrant bunch of UX researchers, designers and strategists. Our experience and diligence is hard to beat, but what makes us stand out is our approach to innovation that combines understanding of business, user and technology needs. This has enabled us to shape leading solutions for our clients.

We design engaging and robust solutions based on real end-user insights. We recently did just this for one of our biggest clients – a large insurance broker, going through a strategic transformation of key business systems. Our researchers used a variety of tools and techniques (including contextual enquiries and focus groups) to create user personas and journeys detailing the main motivations and frustrations of the users. Storyboarding, prototyping and user testing sessions also helped us define the ideal user journeys, creative designs and UX guidelines that are now being used as the blueprint for the development of these systems.

Big retail brands like M&S are also part of our UX client portfolio. Recently, we worked with M&S to redefine their intranet. By observing users in their working environments we learnt about how they interact not only with the intranet, but also with other systems. The insight from our user research informed a user-friendly information architecture, navigation and page designs.

We’ve also started working on an exciting mobile payment project with one of the biggest retailers in the UK. It looks like things will speed up even more in 2014 in terms of mobile, as a number of trends will be creating exciting opportunities in this space.

Our most recent Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey says that smartphone penetration has grown further, reaching more than 50% in most developed countries, and as high as 86% is some countries in Asia. Tech companies are now also adding wearables to the mix of portable and Internet connected devices. Deloitte predicts that in 2014 consumers will buy approximately 10 millions units of smart glasses, fitness bands and watches worth £3 billion (Deloitte TMT Predictions 2014). This creates additional opportunities for clever app development (think gamification) to help users find their way, manage their weight, keep in touch. Keeping the user in the centre of innovation remains key.

Personalisation: our focus for 2014

Users are sharing more and more personal information and preferences with theirs apps, devices or service providers. In return, they expect a personalised experience, relevant to their needs, context and preferred channel. The promise of value delivered by personalisation is becoming more of a reality and it is all about providing “the right information at just the right time” as Google puts it.

So, this year we are focusing on helping clients understand the value of personalisation. We’ve already started experimenting with technologies like iBeacon that, among other opportunities, can enable personalised store guides linked to customers’ profile and wish lists, the ability to identify a customer when arriving in store and present personalised offers, one click or no click digital wallet payments.

We’re here to help

So how do you harness all these opportunities, keeping your users and your business happy? Well, make sure you include user experience design from the outset of your projects.

We are always on the lookout for new talent and we are currently recruiting for User Experience Designer and Senior User Experience Designer.