System Integrators and Agencies: Can CMO’s Still Tell Them Apart?

31 January, 2016 by Patrick Johnson | Deloitte Digital UpdateDesignStrategy

Mike Brinker, principal and Deloitte Digital US Practice Leader, weighs in on Adobe's

The world of Digital Marketing is changing in profound ways. Advances in digital technology, changes in consumer behavior, and the rise of consumer communities are creating new opportunities to reach markets and connect with customers.

Top marketers are now recognising the benefits of combining creative, data science, and technology skills to redefine customer experiences. And, integrated technologies are becoming more critical in marketing today, while creative agencies are evolving to become more like IT system integrators.

So what do the experts who are working with CMO clients have to say about this evolution? Adobe’s interviews leaders in the Digital Marketing space, including Deloitte Digital’s very own Mike Brinker. Find out what they’re saying, here!