Set schedules to subscriptions: how TV viewing is changing every day

03 December, 2013 by Oliver Bowley

We’ve all been there – finishing the latest episode of our favourite programme knowing all too well that we’ve got to wait another week until we find out ‘who-done-it’. In today’s world, waiting for things is becoming rarer and rarer.

The Internet is lightning quick, waiting days on end for delivery of online purchases has become a thing of the past and you’ll struggle to find a teenager who can remember the sound of a dial-up modem connecting. So it’s no surprise then that we’re getting fed up of waiting all evening for our programme to start.

Television programmes used to follow schedules, with dedicated teams poring over viewing statistics to make sure the most popular programmes were aired during prime time, with advertising weaved strategically in-between. On-demand television is changing all of this. Where consumers used to pay a licence fee, they are now paying for access to specific content. Consumers are getting tired of waiting for programmes, choosing instead to pay for access to groups of content and viewing them when it is convenient for them.

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