One year down. Many more to come.

03 June, 2015 by Helen Wallace | Deloitte Digital Update

Deloitte Digital UK creative team is one years old. You may be thinking a single year is ‘no biggy’, but we’d argue to differ. In just 12 months we’ve grown from zero to a team of seven, visited 10 cities, started great client relationships and accumulated: three onesies, a Frankenstein mask, and an Ostrich head. All of this and we’re still as eager today to improve and grow as we were on day one.

So let’s return to the beginning. On a cold, November morning last year, the Deloitte Digital creative team was born. It’s not as impressive as arriving in Bethlehem by donkey, but heck, we’d arrived. Since then we’ve pitched for work and won work, hired designers and bought enough Apple kit to set up our own Shoreditch pop up shop. We've travelled high and wide to meet our clients, from Edinburgh and Munich to Dublin and Manchester not to mention London where we’re based.

Meet the team

The Creative Director is Helen Wallace, who’s funny, hardworking, and has a strong kiwi accent. She’s been involved in every successful bid and pitch since we opened our doors. But Helen couldn’t do it all on her own (despite her best efforts) she needed help which is why she cherry picked Kirsten Hazel, Graham Wood, Grant Bilkus, Liam Harberd, Russell Smith and finally Dan Monaghan. They’re a brilliantly talented bunch who’ve been vital in getting us up and running, giving us style and making our fantastic creative what it is today.

We're always on the lookout for the brightest new talent out there and willing to give young talented people a platform. Dan and Russell fill both these boxes, and despite only recently joining us, have already brought fresh ideas, original insight and stylish haircuts to the team.

First year highlights

What inspires our team to be creative, to look at things differently and uniquely? We think enjoying what you do; having a great team spirit and working in a fun environment is a good start. We like to get out and about to keep inspired and fresh. In the last year we've gone to art exhibitions, seen Jessie J at the Adobe summit, done a sponsored cycle, and visited dozens of coffee shops

Sponsoring the D&AD awards were another highlight of our year.  We had a great time meeting inspiring people and seeing their work, especially Helen who met her idol Neville Brody, and inviting our clients to join in the fun. It would be great to return there next year, hopefully to pick up an award. Being a sponsor it gave us the opportunity to hold workshops for graduates at the D&AD New Blood. This was great as we could give advice and share our experience with lots of new creatives joining the industry.

After a hard years work we felt we deserved a party to celebrate, so we made our way down to Bounce for a few drinks, a dance and a bit of Ping-Pong. Before you could say, ‘dry white please’, Grant was challenging a senior partner to a table tennis match with the seniors’ t-shirt the prize. Grant won and has proudly worn the top around the studio with great pride. An awesome night capping off a brilliant first 12 months.

So what have we got in store for the next year? We'll be moving to a new studio in Clerkenwell Green and aim to continue to grow, win new clients and perhaps see Jessie J again. We’re really excited about what we can achieve in the coming year, with the same drive, creative outlook and enthusiasm we’re determined to improve on what we’ve already achieved.