Integrate. Accelerate. Operate.

29 December, 2014 by Admin | Digital MarketingEvents

It’s time to stop worrying about your marketing technology and focus on what really matters: creating compelling, personal experiences with your brand. Enter MarketMix by Deloitte Digital—all the tools and services you need to get the most out of the Adobe Marketing Cloud®.

Integrate. Accelerate. Operate.

MarketMix extends and enhances the Adobe Marketing Cloud in order to help brands delight consumers across all touch points - online, in-store and on the go.

MarketMix accelerates time to market, provides scalable benefits and reduces the cost of any Adobe Marketing Cloud implementation. Available globally across the Deloitte Digital network, MarketMix provides a range of industry specific accelerators, reusable code libraries and how-to guides, along with a set of pre-built integrations with leading CRM, ecommerce and ERP systems.

Components include:

·         Stitched: our experience driven personalised ecommerce solution

·         Wavewander: a preconfigured product brochure for the music industry

·         SFDC Connection Accelerator: a preconfigured AEM to connector to drive lead management across industries

·         Geometrixx Utilities: an Adobe Campaign accelerator delivering a multichannel campaign management strategy targeted at the Utilities sector.

MarketMix helps place digital marketing excellence at the heart of any transformation agenda, unlocking huge unseen value across global organisations. Check out the videohere.


An industry example – Geometrixx Utilities

Consumer expectations of their utilities providers are ever increasing. There is an opportunity for providers to out-pace their competition by taking advantage of the opportunity of greater connectivity and richer data to provide their customers with more personalised content and targeted offers.

Winners in the utilities sector will be those that innovate in digital customer engagement. Organisations that don’t, will be left behind.

To meet the challenge we have developed a responsive website and mobile app that combines the capabilities of Adobe Campaign and Adobe Analytics which can be integrated into existing web, mobile and CRM channels using pre-configured connectors.  Together these provide a number of user-centric scenarios to accelerate project delivery and reduce implementation risk and cost. Based on a fictional company, Geometrixx Utilities, the solution is designed to highlight a number of cross-channel campaign management scenarios to:

·         Provide a more informed view of customers

·         Perform a high level of targeting and personalisation

·         Deliver effective re-marketing aimed specifically at the utilities sector.

The solution orchestrates and executes scheduled and real-time campaigns across multiple channels with a high level of automation and personalisation based on customer interactions. Simultaneously, it combines pre-click data with post-click data to provide an improved view of campaign effectiveness and better focussed re-marketing effort.

Check out our video here.


Adobe Global Digital Marketing Partner of the Year 2015

Deloitte Digital are proud to be named Global Digital Marketing Partner of the Year 2015. Click here to find out more.