How might IoT improve the event management experience?

09 May, 2017 by Kajol Patel | AdobeAdobe SummitAdobe Summit 2017Digital MarketingIoT

The IoT SHED set themselves a pretty ambitious goal with an incredibly tight deadline. Can Deloitte truly understand their return on investment at the Adobe EMEA Summit 2017? Not for the first time, the team stood up to the challenge.
How might IoT improve the event management experience?

The IoT SHED set themselves a pretty ambitious goal with an incredibly tight deadline. Can Deloitte truly understand their return on investment at the Adobe EMEA Summit 2017? Not for the first time, the team stood up to the challenge.

When it comes to events, our clients struggle with a genuine problem; how can one match the insight available via online channels with that available in the physical world. Brands often have great difficulty understanding their customers’ behaviour to sufficient detail prior, during and post event to then make a meaningful impact. Engagement with event goers traditionally relies heavily on pushing the value of downloading and using a customer mobile application to streamline their event experience. In reality, these experiences often neglect to consider the real and personal needs of users, delivering instead a convoluted and hugely power hungry mobile application. Of course, the main purpose is to harvest the wealth of data about the users’ behaviour during the event, but in reality, the value to the users is negligible and engagement during the event can be low. Additionally, this effort comes at a cost, how is this quantified and justified? Real value to the broad range of stakeholders involved in the events themselves and the brands investing huge sums into marketing efforts is fantastically hard to justify. The methods employed also rely on a length event cycle that can delay the ability to apply lessons in practice, beginning months if not years in advance and leading to slow reactions to new challenges or the application of insight gathered. In fact, by talking to a number of our clients we heard how most event hosts don’t actually bother to collect data about their customers. What’s perhaps more surprising is that those collecting data rarely do anything with it, which can make it challenging to secure investment in future initiatives.

So, a pretty bad place to start from, right? How can we help? The answer to this comes through our approach to innovation and our deep understanding of how to use digital channels and methods to transform businesses. For several months, Deloitte have invested in a UK based centre of excellence that seeks to catalyse and support digital transformation enabled by the Internet of Things. The IoT SHED team have been working together with a new TMT led connected events proposition to address some of the hardest questions of value attribution and efficiency in the industry. The work completed so far will form the core of our exhibition presence at the Adobe EMEA Summit 2017 and feedback from the event and those we attend throughout the year will help to refine and iterate the proposition as it continues to evolve. To keep up to date with our progress, why not visit us in a few weeks at TEDx Glasgow  or Digital DNA in Belfast. 

Let me paint a picture of the story so far. A long, long time ago, in a galaxy…  For the last 6 weeks our cross-functional team have been designing and building a set of connected events tools under our own fictional events brand ‘Loop. The Loop IoT enabled products range from event metrics measurement, to staff effectiveness tools, attention grabbing games and enriched content. For Adobe, the game will revolve around a spinning turn table that visualises the new DigitalMix marketing proposition. What doesn’t grab people’s attention and incentivise them to get involved like a huge, impossibly loud spinning turntable on a giant 75” Samsung touchscreen? By enticing event goers with the promise of a prize, Deloitte Ambassadors will enable every player to win a prize with four chances to win an iPad. Alas, if you don't get to take an iPad home, there are other great prizes to be won. To play the game, you must scan your badge. This transfer of data allows our team to recognise who has visited the stand and immediately follow up to qualify leads and opportunities. Without clear metrics, it's hard to identify the value created at conferences by the use of our most valuable resources: time and money. The Loop event metrics tools allow for greater insight into key indicators of engagement across the event space, deciding how to shape or run your event space or your stand is no longer a guessing game. The technology we’re using is widely available and allows us to start tailoring content and engagement with real face to face interactions during the event rather than relying on post event, generic and often robotic communication. WithWirepas, we’re able to locate where Deloitte hosts are within the conference. Are they giving a speech? Or maybe they're talking to attendees at the stand? With Modcam, we’re able to understand the number of attendees, their demographics and where they spending the most time engaging on our stand. By gaining these insights, then real value can be created by adapting our approach, changing our space and signage to meet the needs of attendees and enhance engagement. Understanding and engaging with people in the moment leads to revolutionary insights to develop more meaningful relationships and ultimately convert sales. Our close relationships with our clients and vendor partners puts us in a unique position to both identify the opportunities to create new value and deliver on them.

The IoT SHED is the Deloitte UK Centre of Excellence for the Internet of Things. We are dedicated to exploring and demonstrating the value of IoT enabled solutions, focusing on the problem and not the solution to inspire and support our clients to maximise the impact.

To find out more contact us at or visit us in the Deloitte Digital studio in Clerkenwell.