Everything, anytime, anywhere

26 May, 2014 by Admin | StrategyOmnichannelRetail

My shopping behaviour and that of a lot of people around me has changed enormously in recent years. The traditional way of going to a shop, browsing, being advised by the salesmen and leaving the shop with the item as requested (or suggested by the salesman), is long behind us, and will probably never return. Approximately 1 out of 3 of customers that walk into a store leave without buying anything, because the store did not have the product they wanted in stock. However, you reach your consumer, whether you are a pure play on-line retailer, bricks and clicks or selling a brand via multiple channels; in the Omnichannel world, sales conversion is more important than ever

Digital transformation is driving the way your consumers behave.  The battle for market share is being driven by changes in the competitive landscape, the increasingly connected consumer and technology.  This fundamental shift in retail habits has resulted in the rise of Omnichannel.  Omnichannel exists where consumers can order from anywhere and any channel, and orders can be fulfilled from any location. To optimally address this requirement requires a clear supply chain strategy.
The requirement for ‘everything, anytime, anywhere’ is well documented.  A successful Omnichannel supply chain requires a fundamental shift in strategic thinking to facilitate enterprise wide inventory visibility to support the delivery of orders placed in any channel from any location within the supply chain. Enterprise wide inventory and supply chain visibility enable you to sell “everything, anytime anywhere”.  The result is less lost sales, less mark downs and increased revenue.  Furthermore, real value is unlocked when companies begin to optimize fulfillment (fulfill from the best location), to place product differently, and expand the assortment.

Deloitte can help you transform your supply chain to maintain the sale.  We have over 25 years of experience in these types of supply chain transformations; Kennedy ranks Deloitte as the #1 Supply Chain consultancy globally.  This is the time to take action, because if you do not do it, others will and they will sell to your customers in your stores.  Want to know more? Drop us an email Jonathan Beddows and Imke Stuurman