Deloitte Digital the Netherlands

05 March, 2013 by Niels Nuyens | Around the OfficeDeloitte Digital Update

We are pleased to introduce a new Deloitte Digital practice, Deloitte Digital the Netherlands...

The Digital revolution brings a lot of opportunities and … some challenges. Our customers are all facing the impact of this revolution. The main question is; how to negotiate this revolution?  Our vision is by combining all aspect of it. Our globally recognized position in management consultancy and risk advisory, in both business and technology, industry focused, extended with creative capabilities is the right mix of capabilities needed to serve our clients. It helps companies to optimally benefit from digital opportunities and deal with the challenges. Together we want to build tomorrow’s digital business, today. With the introduction of Deloitte Digital in the Netherlands, we are joining countries like the US, the UK, Australia & Japan. We are now part of a global network of digital practices serving clients all across the world.

The digitization of business processes highly influence companies business models. Is digital on your agenda? Can you keep pace with the speed of these digital developments? As a response to this trend Deloitte Digital brings together three key elements, creating a unique combination to help our clients: part business, part creative, part technology: 100% Digital. Our management consultants, risk advisors, creatives and IT engineers together are able to define the right, but complex combination of solutions to address digital challenges. We are therefore combining strategy, web, mobile, social, security and optimization. With this broad set of services we are uniquely positioned to help our clients in their digital journey.

We welcome you to join us in the conversion on digital!