Deloitte Digital Policing Hackathon 2015

15 September, 2015 by Max Worth | EventsStrategyUser Experience

Who said the Police aren’t digital and innovative?! On Tuesday 15th September 2015, three gallant teams of Police Forces joined up with Deloitte Digital creatives to prove that not only can they catch bad guys, but they can create mind-blowing mobile apps in the space of just two days.
Deloitte Digital Policing Hackathon 2015

 CREDIT: Graphic Recording by Elvia Vasconcelos

Teams from Hampshire Constabulary, the Metropolitan Police and a Beds, Cambs and Herts (BCH) collaboration poured into Deloitte Digital’s Buckley Building to join our very first Policing Hackathon. Armed with pencils and thinking caps, rather than the usual batons and custodian helmets, and with our very own Ed Grieg acting Gold Commander – this was to be a creative and stimulating couple of days.

Day One began with problem identification and idea generation, and with increased budget cuts faced by the Forces over the next five years, concepts for creative ways to increase Police efficiency weren’t in short supply. Each team picked an idea and ran with it, creating Personas and User Journeys in true Digital style. After a quick wireframing session, our dedicated UX designers started on the prototypes, resisting a rest (pardon the pun) and working late into the night.

Enthused and reinvigorated, our Police teams returned for the second and final day of their sentence. After some review of the prototypes, teams refined their ideas and began to work on the other aspect of the presentation – benefits realisation. We spent some time considering who would see the benefits of these apps in reality, and who would need to sign-off and give the go-ahead in what can be a highly bureaucratic environment, as well as costs involved and efficiency and financial savings.

Despite wanting more time to polish their presentations, the afternoon session saw talks from two of Deloitte Digital’s most creative minds. Min Bhogaita – Director of Deloitte Digital’s Analytics Lab – spoke about our analytics capabilities, and some of the cool tools that allow organisations to make insightful and visual analysis of the huge amounts of data in the world. Police Forces collect enormous amounts of data, but turning this into useful insights is notoriously difficult. Head of Deloitte Digital’s Design Team - Olivier Binse – then spoke about Design in the Exponential Era, and some of the things that businesses do well, or badly, when designing user experiences in the modern day. Fuelled with creativity, it was time for the three teams to pitch their ideas to the panel, consisting of Olivier, Joel Bellman (Deloitte Digital Public Sector Lead) and James Taylor (Deloitte Home Affairs and Policing lead).

In a Dragon’s Den style arena, each team had ten minutes to present, followed by ten minutes of interrogation from the panel. Team One, from Hampshire Constabulary, explained their app – Bluebox – a solution that enables frontline Officers to access real-time information on their tablet devices. The Met Police – who had been tweeting about their Hackathon experiences over the course of the two days – designed an app called Nemesis that allowed for instant and more effective management of evidence through the upload of videos and photos onto an app. Finally, the BCH collaboration had a solution that allowed shopkeepers to publish CCTV footage directly to the Police who could also access the data via a secure application, called Capture.

As the suspense built, the panel returned after careful deliberation to announce the Met Police team as winners of the inaugural Deloitte Digital Policing Hackathon, and recipients of the coveted 3D printed trophy! While there had to be a winner, a huge pat on the back to everyone who participated in the event – three fantastic apps were created in little over 24 hours and all three teams (and their respective UX designers) deserve credit for what they were able to come up with in such a short space of time.

For further information on Digital Policing, or future Public Sector Hackathon events, please get in touch with Lee Simpson or Max Worth.