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29 July, 2014 by Admin | Digital MarketingEventsUser Experience

Deloitte Digital will be unveiling the world’s first Adobe Marketing Cloud Personalised Virtual Reality Commerce Experience at the 2015 Adobe Digital Marketing Summit EMEA. The prototype will tailor the whole retail experience around you, moving walls, expanding shelves and tailoring product ranges, all based on your profile, interactions and propensity to buy.


Consumer behaviours are changing as technology continues to empower brands and shoppers alike. Adapting to this, leading retailers are revitalising stores by developing dynamic, data-driven digital experiences which both engage shoppers and increase traffic. We are seeing digital genuinely break down the concept of online and offline at scale for the first time.

Deloitte Consumer Review Digital Predictions 2015

  • 15-20% of all UK retail stores will have beacons installed by the end of 2015
  • The number of click and collect locations in Europe will increase by 20% in 2015 as customers come to expect companies to accommodate exactly how they want to shop


In this landscape of increasing integration between digital and physical, Deloitte Digital has looked beyond today’s trends, towards tomorrow’s solution. Previously, we have innovated in this space with Waitrose and iBeacon technology and with our Adobe MarketMix accelerators. This time we have completely reimagined digital retail, creating the world’s first Adobe Marketing Cloud personalised virtual reality (VR) commerce experience. Combining the logic engine of Adobe Campaign and the technological power of virtual reality, VR-commerce unites online personalisation capability with an in-store style experience.

Our fully functioning prototype will allow consumers access to an immersive and personalised digital shopping experience. Instead of limiting the shopper to four walls in store, or a screen and mouse online, the prototype uses profile and interaction data to customise the experience, allowing the retailer to move walls and floors, expand ranges and tailor the experience to best suit what you are interested in and actively influence your shopping behaviour. Real-life products are made available digitally using our 3D scanner and Adobe Photoshop. Our store, its architecture and scenery are hand crafted in a cutting-edge 3D Game Engine called Unity, with the personalisation of your experience controlled by an Adobe Campaign logic engine. This is then presented to you through Oculus Rift, with a Leap Motion controller providing the ability to ‘touch’ products that interest you with a virtual representation of your hands.

Deloitte Digital’s VR Commerce illustrates the power of integrating on and off line thinking, challenging brand owners and retailers to look outside of conventional digital channels, in order to thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape.


Where can I see it?

On our Deloitte Digital stand at the 2015 Adobe Digital Marketing Summit on 29th and 30thApril. Our resident Disruptor Ed Greig will be giving Summit attendees the opportunity to test it out for themselves. Can’t make it to Summit? Come and visit us in our studio in Clerkenwell Green for a closer look!

Get in contact with us during the Summit via Twitter @DeloitteDIGI_UK or on InstagramDeloitteDigitalUK!


Deloitte Digital, Adobe and MarketMix

VR Commerce is the latest thought-leading innovation using MarketMix, Deloitte Digital's solution accelerator for the Adobe Marketing Cloud.  MarketMix accelerates time to market and reduces cost of any Adobe Marketing Cloud implementation by providing a range of industry specific accelerators, reusable code libraries and how-to guides. Available globally from across Deloitte Digital’s network, MarketMix can provide scalable benefits to any Adobe Marketing Cloud implementation, realising huge previously unseen value across brands and businesses.

Deloitte are also proud to be the Adobe Global Digital Marketing Partner of the Year 2015. Click here for further details.