Connected Foosball

06 June, 2016 by Charlie Dumeresque

We plugged in a bucket load of disruptive IOT technology to some enterprise marketing platforms from Adobe, and created the ground-breaking proof of concept Deloitte Digital Connected Foosball.
Connected Foosball

We were recently set the challenge of creating a something that would attract attendees of the Adobe Summit EMEA 2016 to our stand, and get them to stay and chat. After dismissing the merits of a glossy marketing pamphlet, we decided to create something a little different. We decided to build on an idea from the USA, which collected live data from a foosball table and sent it to Salesforce. But we decided to take it a step further by adding: 

  • More sensors
  • Some solenoids 
  • Adobe Campaign 
  • Adobe AEM
  • Amazon Web Services
  • A massive screen  
  • Pizza

The result was DD Foosball, the first ever deployment of Adobe Screens in the cloud, the first time we had used Adobe Campaign at a live exhibition and the inclusion of three exponential technologies (IOT, 3D printing and Cloud services). 

As digital and physical worlds collide, more data and insight will be generated providing opportunities for more valuable customer interactions. Our DD Foosball shows how innovative new technologies can be combined with scalable enterprise platforms to use behaviour from the physical world and create meaningful interactions with customers in the process.


How the table works

Players register to play with their Adobe Summit badge. The badge features a unique QR code which links to their details in Salesforce. This is then used to sign in to the game application and build up a profile throughout the games they play. Each time someone wishes to play a match, their QR code is scanned using a native iOS app, which shows the player profile and player statistics. The player can then touch their profile and ‘push’ it to the big screen, allowing them to continue to configure which team they wish to play for using AEM Screens. Once the game is set up, it will automatically begin on screen when a player drops a ball into the table. 

Throughout the game live scores are updated in real time on the big screen as goals are scored on the table. Fixture information including the player details, results and key statistics are recorded in Salesforce on its completion. In order to encourage users to return to the table (or drop by for the first time), Adobe Campaign runs a series of workflows to both email and tweet those registered, regularly updating their details via a Salesforce integration. 


Where else are we using IoT?

Within Deloitte Digital, we’re actively exploring the role and impact of IoT, for both consumer and commercial applications. Examples of recent work include our connected retail concept store, ‘Clerk and Green’, which incorporates Phillips connected lighting, RFID technologies and interactive displays. We’re also working with clients in manufacturing to use predictive analytics in order to anticipate parts failure, public sector clients working to make cities smarter and real estate clients to gain the most value from smart buildings.


For more information on our recent work please reach out to Ben Steward  or Ed Greig.